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Proiectare instalatii sibiu


About us


   AGER INSTAL S.R.L. is a limited liability company, an engineering company specialised in the design of building services for civil and industrial installations, specialised in technical consultancy in the field of building services engineering and in the field of fire safety of buildings.

AGER INSTAL S.R.L. has as main object of activity the integrated design of the installations related to the civil, industrial and agrozootechnical constructions, for the realization of the new and existing investments, thus meeting the functional criteria that are required for the structure of resistance and non-structural elements of the interior spaces as well as for the technical- of the degree of comfort, in close correlation with the compliance requirements, sizing of the necessary installations and equipments.


  • Proiectare instaltii pentru constructii civile si industriale 

  • Audit energetic și Certificare energetica;

  • Verificare de proiecte MDLPA in domeniile:

       - Is (Nivel I)- Instalatii sanitare aferente constructiilor, cu exceptia instalatiilor de gaze naturale combustibile si a instalatiilor de gaze petroliere lichefiate;

       - Ie (Nivel I)- Instalatii electrice aferente constructiilor.

Services offered


       SC AGER INSTAL S.R.L. ensures the preparation of complete technical documentation at all design phases, namely:

  • Designing of installations for civil constructions, industrial and agro-technical constructions, like:

       - Plumbing installations;

       - Thermal installations;

       - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning installations;

       - Electrical installations;

  • Design of BIPV/T systems;

  • Design of public utility networks;

  • Design of extinguishing systems and installations;

  • Design of fire detection, signaling and warning systems and installations;

  • Design of ventilation systems and installations for the discharge of smoke and hot gases.

  • Energy efficiency studies and building optimisation.

Integrated design


Audit energetic
  • Energy audit for constructions and installations.

  • Energy Expertise.

  • Energy Certification.

  • Calculation of the global thermal insulation coefficient G.


Verificarea proiectelor se face pentru cerințele fundamentale aplicabile prevăzute la art. 5 din Legea nr. 10/1995 privind calitatea în constructii, republicata, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare, pe domeniile de constructii si pe specialitati pentru instalatii aferente constructiilor, în functie de categoriile de importanta specifice ale constructiilor.

Prin propriul personal specializat si atestat  tehnico-profesional ca verificator de proiecte MDLPA, asiguram (pentru toate categoriile de importanta - Nivel I) verificarea documentatiilor tehnice in urmatoarele domenii:

  • Is (Nivel I) - Instalaţii sanitare aferente constructiilor, cu exceptia instalatiilor de gaze naturale combustibile si a instalatiilor de gaze petroliere lichefiate;

  • Ie (Nivel I) - Instalatii electrice aferente constructiilor.

Verificare de proiecte



        AGER INSTAL S.R.L. is certified by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy - ANRE for carrying out the design of electrical/ outdoor electrical installations for civil and industrial buildings / enclosures, aerial and underground connections at the nominal voltage of 0.4 kV, with Certificate no. 16689/ 07-12-2020 type Bp.

        AGER INSTAL S.R.L. is authorized by the National Center for Fire Safety and Civil Protection in accordance with OMAI Nr. 87/2010, as amended and supplemented, for:

  • Authorisation Series A No. 3094 / 18.01.2013 - Designing of systems and signaling, alarm and alarm systems in case of fire;

  • Authorisation Series A No. 3095 / 18.01.2013 - Designing of systems and installations for limiting and extinguishing fires;

  • Authorisation Series A No. 5166 / 29.09.2015 - Designing of ventilation systems and installations for the disposal of smoke and hot gases, except those of natural-organized type;

Atestat Bp
A3094 - Semnalizare, alarmare si alertare
A3095 - Limitare si stingere
A5166 - Ventilare a fumului si gazelor fierbinti
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